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Multiple Sclerosis Cooling Vest for Heat Stress Relief

Veskimo's ms cooling vest at ballpark

When everyone else is out enjoying a sporting event or other summer outdoor activities, the person with heat intolerance is left inside, missing out on the fun. The Veskimo Personal Cooling System is a way for the home-bound to become involved in outdoor activities, whether it is a trip to an outdoor mall, to an amusement park, or just a nice time sitting out in the backyard with family and friends enjoying a week-end barbecue.

There are two Reservoirs that can be used to supply ice-chilled water to the Veskimo Personal Microclimate Cooling Vest; the 4.4 Quart Hydration Backpack or the 9 Quart Hand-Carry Cooler. For your convenience, the Cooling Vest and Reservoir of your choice can be purchased together as one of our Complete Body Cooling Vest Systems.

For more information, please read: American Academy of Neurology: Cooling Vest Improves Symptoms for MS Patients

         Veskimo Cooling Vest + Hydration Backpack
Cooling Vest + 4.4 Quart Hydration Backpack
Your best choice for unrestricted, hands-free mobility. The hydration feature supplies chilled drinking water on demand.
Veskimo Cooling Vest + 9 Qt. Hand-Carry Cooler
Cooling Vest + 9 Quart Hand-Carry Cooler
This portable system holds twice as much ice and water as the Backpack for longer cooling duration between refills.

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Personal Microclimate Body Cooling Vest
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Utilizing NASA-developed technology, the Veskimo liquid-cooled Personal Microclimate Body Cooling Vest (size S, M, L or XL) will create a microclimate of COOL around your upper body as cold water from the Veskimo Hydration Backpack or 9 Quart Hand-Carry Cooler chilled water reservoir is circulated through a network of over 50 feet of flexible micro tubing. This thin, lightweight, comfortable body cooling vest can be worn under a close fitting shirt, jacket or motorcycle leathers.

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