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Cool Vest with 2 portable reservoir options for hot and humid days-stay dry & keep cool!

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Veskimo cooling vest & backpack system

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The most effective self-contained personal cooling system available features a lightweight, breathable Body Cooling Vest through which ice water is circulated from an insulated Hydration Backpack or portable coolers. Provides long term relief from heat stress, even when the cooling vest is worn under heavy, insulating clothing. Perfect for sports, racing, motorcycling, bicycling, construction and industrial uses.

Why Veskimo. . .

Over Evaporative Garments?
Feels slimy when wet, doesn’t work in humidity, works on outer surface not on wearer's skin-if evaporation rate is low, it can increase wearer’s heat stress.

Over Phase Change?
Ice or frozen chemical packets are placed in garment’s pockets. Cooling decreases over time due to poor heat transfer between the still frozen core & melted outer layer. Once packets melt, the garment becomes a thermal insulator, absorbing & retaining body heat. The packets are bulky and heavy increasing strain on wearer.

Over Other Brands?
Tubing on a t-shirt: the tubing needs to be on the skin side. There is no way to adjust for size like Veskimo. The only way to take the system off is over the head & the tubing does not allow t-shirt to stretch. Veskimo’s cooling vest has a zipper and adjustable straps.

Personal Cooling Systems for Extreme Heat-at Work, at Play...Anytime!

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Either of our Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems combines a lightweight, breathable Personal Cooling Vest that is worn under your normal clothing, connected to one of two reservoir options; the 4.4 Qt Hydration Backpack or the 9 Qt Hand-Carry Cooler. The body cooling vest is supplied with ice water circulated from the reservoir via a high efficiency battery powered pump.

A Veskimo personal cooling system provides long-term heat stress relief, even when worn under heavy insulating clothing, resulting in more effective body cooling than any other cool shirt or cool vest on the market. It creates a microclimate of cool that easily fits under a T-shirt, jacket or any type of protective gear, providing comfort in a wide variety of activities while allowing maximum mobility.

Perfect for sports, racing, motorcycling, bicycling, construction & industrial uses, and emergency workers in hot and humid environments. It is also a great solution for those with heat intolerant medical conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or Dysautonomia. It is convenient and economical to operate using ordinary ice and AA batteries in a quick-change power pack (other power accessories available). The backpack system also serves as a source of on-demand, chilled and filtered drinking water.