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Personal Cooling Vest Systems for Pilots & Aviation

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Personal cooling using cool vest system for pilots
The cooling vest and cooler is perfect for the hot cockpit of a helicopter.
Helicopter pilots using Veskimo cool vest body cooling system during forest fire water drops
Fire fighter pilots dropping water over hot forest fires need to be hyper alert and heat stress is a major factor for impaired judgement. The Veskimo Personal Cooling System helps keep the pilot comfortable so he/she can concentrate on the job.

Heat stress for the pilot can cause general physiological changes but also result in performance impairment increasing the chance of errors, short term memory becomes impaired, and perceptual and motors skills decrease. In small planes and helicopters, the cost of air conditioning is prohibitive, if it is feasible at all.

Veskimo offers the perfect solution to the pilot. Using the 9 quart cooling system, a quick connection can be made to the vest, offering cooling comfort for over 4 hours. During the next stop while taking on fuel, the pilot can refill his cooler with ice.

Just a few of the aviation applications for the Veskimo Personal Cooling System are:

  • Helicopter pilots
  • Emergency fire-fighting pilots for water dropping helicopters and fixed wing planes
  • Stunt Pilots
  • General Aviation pilots
  • Crop dusting pilots
  • Glider pilots

Cool vest system keeps pilot comfortable during crop dusting
Crop-dusting is a punishing job due to the intense heat from the sun above and from the engine below. The Veskimo system will take some of the stress off of the hard-working pilot.
Cockpit cooling stunt pilot with cooling vest
For the jobs that need perfect concentration, that of the stunt pilot is certainly one of them. The energy sapping heat is not conducive to the process of lightning fast decision making that the pilot requries.