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Personal Cooling Vest Systems for Motorcycles, Motorsports & Racing

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Cooling vest for dirt bike racing personal cooling
The cooling vest is worn under your protective gear so you stay cool & alert but safe.
Veskimo ATV desert racing personal cooling
While out riding, what if you don't realize you are in serious danger of heat exhaustion? The Veskimo backpack system will keep your core cool and with the hydration feature, you have ready access to a cold drink of water.
Veskimo cool vest for motorcycle racing personal cooling
From the hot sun and the heat radiating from the pavement, the cooling vest and backpack will keep you alert and concentrated on the race.
Body cooling for touring motorcycles
On your ride, you just need to refill the cooler with ice when you are ready to fill your bike with gas.

Whether your passion is auto racing, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATV's or even just being a fan at the track, the extreme environment is always a concern, but the Veskimo Personal Cooling System can solve your heat related problems easily.

Heat stress is a familiar condition to racing drivers with side effects as severe as impaired judgment and reduced reaction time. The Veskimo system allows the driver to participate on the hottest day, maintaining a circulation of cool water to lower the core body temperature so that heat related fatigue can be held at bay. Of course the Veskimo cool vest is designed to fit comfortably under all types of protective gear.

Veskimo Personal Cooling Racing Motorcycle

Auto Racing with the Veskimo System

Veskmo Race Car
Veskimo is certified HANS-Friendly.

The Veskimo Personal Microclimate Cooling Vest has been specially designed with no water circulation tubing over the shoulders. Drivers who wear a HANS Device will experience no compression or constriction of the water circulation tubing, or discomfort from pressure HANS Friendlyplaced on the tubing by the restraint device. The Veskimo Cooling Vest has been certified "HANS Friendly" by HANS Performance Products, which ensures that it has been qualified " to work perfectly with the HANS Device."

The system utilizes 12V DC vehicle power to operate the pump. Extension hoses are available in various lengths to support all installations. Hoses exit the vest on the LH side to prevent interference with the gear shift.


  • Better reaction times
  • Faster decision making
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Reduced sweating
  • Reduced dehydration
  • Reduced heart rate
  • Help in maintaining a safe core body temperature

Off-Road with the Veskimo System

Often an off-road event is extremely hot and dusty. For many passionate drivers, the option of skipping the event due to extreme heat is a possibility, but a huge disappointment. With the Veskimo system, using either of the chilled water reservoir options will allow for full participation, without so much worry that it will be extremely uncomfortable and the enjoyment will be lessened "by degrees." Off-road riders and those on smaller bikes find our Backpack System to be highly effective, offering the utmost in versatility, including the hydration option, serving up chilled, filtered drinking water on demand.

Motorcycles (Racing & Touring Bikes) with the Veskimo System

Veskimo was designed with motorcyclists unique needs in mind. Our systems have gained great popularity among motorcyclists who wear ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time), even in extremely hot and humid conditions. Touring riders find our 9 Quart Cooler System ideal for keeping cool on road trips. The system can be easily recharged on the road with ice in cube or block form, readily obtained at your refueling stops. As demonstrated in the photos below and lower right, the Cooler can be conveniently secured to a tail rack or pillion. With a bit of wiring, an on/off switch can be placed right on the handlebars making it easy to turn the system on and off as needed.

9 Qt. cooler used with on a Harley Davidson
Riding cool on his Harley.
Personal cooling system used with a GT
This shows an option for securing the 9 Quart Cooler to the bike.
Veskimo personal cooling, on-off switch on touring bike
It is a snap to wire up an on/off switch to help regulate the flow of cold water to the vest.
Veskimo 9 Qt cooler used on Harley Davidson
Even on the hottest day through the desert, you will stay cool with your Veskimo Cooling System.
Personal cooling system used with a touring bike
The cooler can also be strapped to the tail rack of the cycle.