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Personal Cooling Vest Systems for Emergency First Responders

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Veskimo fire fighters personal cooling
The Veskimo cooling vest with reservoir system can be used for rehab during a break.
Body cool vest solutions on fire line
The cooling vest and cooler provide a quick relief for the fire fighter who has spent a long time on the hot, searing, front lines.

Battling a blaze in the layers of protective clothing and the self-contained breathing apparatus is a safety imperative, but the risks of exacerbation are great. Summer heat & humidity increases the dangers. Data in the past 5 years now shows that heart attack due to heat stress is the number one cause of death in firefighters.

Though with all the equipment that a firefighter must carry, it is not a viable option to increase his/her load with a Veskimo backpack system, however, on breaks, it is easy to just plug the vest into a Veskimo cooler for instant relief. During suit-up, throwing the vest on over the t-shirt and then putting the protective suit over the vest, the fire fighter is ready to plug into the cooling system. In this case, each fire fighter has their own vest, but the coolers themselves can be fewer as breaks are usually staggered.

The same methodology can be applied to other emergency service workers who must work in the heat and humidity such as:

  • Bomb disposal teams
  • Wildland Fire Suppression
  • SWAT Teams
  • Police, Motorcycle & Traffic Officers
  • Search and Rescue Teams
  • Hazmat

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Personal cooling cool vest for bomb disposal team
The precision that is required for bomb disposal demands perfect concentration which can be diminished due to heat stress from the environment and the protective suit.
Firefighters suit-up with body cooling cool vest system
The vest can go right over the t-shirt and under the protective turnout gear. When it is time for rehab, just plug right into the chilled water reservoir for immediate heat stress relief.