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Buyer's Guide: Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems

A Veskimo Personal Cooling System consists of three basic components:

  1. Cooling Vest
  2. Chilled Water Reservoir with internal circulation pump
  3. Power Source to power the water pump in the Reservoir.

All components are modular: The Cooling Vest can be used with either Chilled Water Reservoir (Backpack or Cooler) and either Reservoir can be powered with any Power Source Option. Each component may be purchased separately to create a custom configuration, or may be purchased together as a Complete System.

Pricing: There is no difference in total price between purchasing a Complete System as compared to purchasing all of the components (Vest + Reservoir + Power Source) individually.

  1. Cooling Vests are offered in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Please see the Vest Sizing Guide to determine the size that will fit you best.

  2. Chilled Water Reservoirs are available as a Backpack or Cooler and can be used interchangeably with any Cooling Vest:
  3. Power Source Options can be used interchangeably to power the pump in either the Backpack or Cooler:

A Complete Personal Cooling System is an all-inclusive package of:

Cooling Vest + Reservoir + Power Source

We offer these two Complete Cooling Systems:

Backpack System consisting of Vest + Backpack Li-Ion Battery & Charger
or Power Pack (for AA batteries)
or External Power Cord

vest+9qt cooler+power cord or battery pak or Ion Battery

9 Quart System consisting of Vest + 9 Quart Cooler External Power Cord
or Li-Ion Battery & Charger
or Power Pack (for AA batteries)

vest-9qtreservoir-power cord

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A variety of accessories are offered to customize your Complete System to accommodate your individual needs and preferences:

  • Adjustable Cooling Controller to regulate the cooling power of the system by automatically cycling the pump on and off, with the cycle time controlled by the selected setting on the four-position rotary switch.
  • Extension Hoses are available in 3-foot and 6-foot lengths for connecting the Vest to the Cooler or Backpack, providing increased mobility and system installation flexibility.
  • Quick-Disconnect Fittings can be used to adapt non-Veskimo products and/or drain water from a Vest prior to long-term storage.

Use the PRODUCTS menu at the left hand side of this page to navigate to each product’s detailed information page.

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More Info

See How It Works for a more detailed description of how all of the components work together as a system.

See Why Choose Veskimo for a comparison of our personal cooling products to others, and to learn why the Veskimo Personal Cooling System is the most effective, affordable portable solution to heat stress.

Follow these links to pages with more information on:

  • Vest Sizing Guide to determine what size vest will fit you best.
  • Backpack Features & Specifications for a more detailed description of this product.
  • Product Photos for a closer look at some of the details of the Vest, Backpack and Coolers.
  • Product Reviews to see what our customers and the media have to say about our products.
  • Product Search for assistance in finding the product in which you are interested.
  • FAQ for answers to other questions you may have about our products and how they are used.

Please feel free to Contact Us for additional information

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