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Cooling Vest + Backpack = Complete Personal Cooling System

This Complete Personal Cooling System combines the lightweight, breathable Veskimo Personal Microclimate Cooling Vest (size S, M, L or XL) that is worn under your normal clothing with the 4.4 Quart Hydration Backpack that supplies ice chilled water to the Vest via a high efficiency 12V DC pump. The pump in the Backpack can be powered for over six hours on a single charge using the Veskimo Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, or continuously using the 12V DC External Power Cord.

Fill with up to seven pounds of ice plus one pint or more of water for up to four hours of continuous body cooling. The Backpack and Vest comprise a fully self-contained Complete Personal Cooling System providing the user with comfort, convenience and unrestricted mobility. The thermally insulated backpack also functions as a hydration pack, serving up chilled, filtered drinking water on demand. This system provides long term heat stress relief, even when worn under heavy insulating clothing, resulting in more effective body cooling than any other personal cooling system on the market.

For additional information on this system's components, please check out these links:

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Power Option: Lithium-Ion Battery & Charger (Standard)
External Power Cord in place of Battery
No Power Source (purchase separately)
TOTAL: $1116.00
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12V DC External Power Cord

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Quick-Disconnect Adapter and Drain Fittings (one pair)

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