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Cooling Vest Reviews: Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems

Best Product by Cruisman's Garage

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Cruiseman selects Veskimo a favorite aftermarket product

"...it is amazing how much difference keeping your core cool can make. There is no doubt that the Veskimo could extend my riding time in hot weather by at least two hundred miles a day."

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"The Veskimo Cooling System provides an effective means for motorcyclists to ride in very hot weather while significantly lessening the debilitating and potentially dangerous effects of prolonged exposure to heat. And, unlike evaporative systems, it does not require low humidity to work."

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"For commuting, where it’s possible to stage frozen water bottles at both ends of the trip, the Veskimo could be what makes you reach for the motorcycle keys instead of wimping out and taking the car."

Read what past purchasers of Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems
have to say about our products.

From Motorcycle Riders

My new Veskimo arrived Tuesday as promised. Last night was the first time I could try it out. It was outstanding! It was only 95 degrees so this week-end will be a better test. I attached a pic, the hose transferring the cold water is different laying in your lap, but worth it considering the cooling effect. I was on a chapter ride so there was a lot of interest on how it really worked. My skin was cold to the touch and several people say they are going to order it. I iced the cooler down at 5:15 and at 9:00 pm I was still getting very cold water, in fact I was close to chilly riding home.

Thanks for keeping me riding in the hot Texas heat.
-Jay V., Sachse, TX

Veskimo 9 Qt cooler used on Harley Davidson

Last year my wife surprised me with your Veskimo as an early birthday present. The day after it arrived, I left with it on a ride to Provo, Utah (south of Salt Lake City). With some skepticism I studied it that evening in Ely, NV. while in my room preparing for the next days' ride.

My friends and I left the following morning at 0600 across more desert land to beat some of the heat. At 0800 it was already 107 degrees when I turned while on part of the most barren and at the time torridly hot desert. Almost immediately it malfunctioned: my back was soaking wet and cold, or so I thought.

It wasn't leaking after all!! The sensation of cold was so immediate as it pumped the ice water through the vest I assumed it had sprung a leak. As we rode the fabric vests the other riders were wearing dried in a matter of an hour and 15-20 minutes; not surprising as the temperature had risen to 111 degrees but my Veskimo kept my body core down so low that I had to turn the pump off several times as it was truly chilling me.

Since then I have criss-crossed the spectacular Great Basin many more times in the summer, often now on dirt roads while riding adventure-tours. Each and every time I have experienced the same excellent results.

Nicely done, Veskimo.
- Kurt D. Dayton, NV
P.S. An extra battery is a good idea- I'll be ordering mine sometime soon so I can ride longer hours...

I finally got a chance today to try out my new Veskimo Cooling System. I rode from Lompoc, where the temperature was about 55 degrees, to Atascadero, where the temperature was about 105 degrees. I hooked up the hoses when I stopped for gas and figuratively crossed my fingers as I pushed the switch. Within a few seconds I felt this wonderful wave of cold travel up my back and throughout the vest.

I was cool and comfortable for the rest of the ride. No more episodes of heat exhaustion for me or hitting the road at 3:00 a.m. to beat the heat on rides across the desert. My fellow riders kidded me about my "astronaut outfit" when we began but they were all envious once it started to get really hot.

Thank you for a great product.
- Jim B., Lompoc, CA

From a School Bus Driver

I'm looking forward to getting the backpack. The weather here in PA is going to start to be in the 70's next week and uggghhh the thought of the heat, but I'm sooo happy about my vest, cooler and soon to be my backpack. It really is a life saver in so many ways. I'm a school bus driver and love my job, but the heat gets so unbearable. The engine is of course right up front of the bus and us bus drivers are right behind the 200 degree engine. …With the cooling system, vest and backpack, these products will make the job manageable for awhile.
-Kathy, Pennsylvania

Regarding Health Issues

We received the cooling vest we ordered for our 7 year old sons birthday this past Friday, just in time for his Sunday baseball game with The Miracle Baseball League of Grand Island, NY. Our son Thomas suffers from severe epilepsy and seizures. He is in a wheelchair and extreme heat causes him to have very bad seizures. We were afraid he would need to quit his baseball team due to the heat. We used it today for the first time and what a difference. He was a different kid. He smiled and laughed and played all day with no seizures. The ice water reservoir hooked right on the back of his chair. No-one could even tell he was wearing it. We'll use this all summer for fairs, festivals and Tommy's weekly baseball games. We showed it to other parents and they are all interested in one for their child. This is a great invention!
-Mark W., Lockport, NY

I just wanted to say how very pleased we are with your product. The customer service with the ordering process was so helpful. The order arrived promptly and intact. My husband has Multiple Sclerosis and has had to miss out on many of his normal activities because of his intolerance to the heat. We were recently able to attend our nephew’s graduation. It was outdoors and extremely hot and humid that day. We live in South Georgia and the heat here can be brutal even for a healthy person.  This disease robs you of many things we take for granted everyday. Your product has given back some dignity and normalcy to our lives. It works great and is easy to use and maintain. Definitely a good investment. In summer we never want to leave home without it. Thank you so very much!
-Laura B., Midway, GA

Thanks Veskimo, after a long search and trying many different items, from ice packs, cool wraps to portable fans, I found your web site and help for my condition. I was heat stressed from jogging and can no longer sweat enough to keep me cool. It is very dangerous for me to get caught in the heat. I live on the Texas coast where it's hot and humid four or five months a year and until I tried your vest, I was air conditioner bound. I carry your cool vest with me everywhere. I keep an ice chest in my vehicle, full of ice and charge the vest when I need it. I've worn the vest to sporting events, mowing, fishing and at work. It's a safety device for me and not just for comfort.
Thanks again,
- Dennis R., Angleton, TX

From a Motorcycle Rider

I returned last weekend from a two-week, 3900 mile solo tour on my BMW K1200RS. I was able to visit 10 National Parks, including the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Black Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands (photo below), Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Yosemite.

The Veskimo cooling system worked wonderfully during the many 100+ degree days that I encountered during my travels through Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

Thank you for producing such a fine product.
- Paul B., Sebastopol, CA.

Veskimo 9 Qt cooler used on Harley Davidson

From a Pilot

I fly Pipeline patrol in south Texas. We use a Cessna 172 and fly at about 500 ft above the ground. The aircraft does not have an air conditioner so it is not uncommon to have temperatures in excess of 110 degrees in the cockpit. Since I started using the Cool Vest I noticed that the days went by faster because I wasn't overheating any more allowing me to focus on flying rather than being uncomfortable in the heat. I do have a 12volt accessory plug in the Aircraft but I decided to go with batteries because I have had issues in the past plugging in a 12volt motor to the aircraft's electrical system...it tends to put feedback in to the intercom system. The battery pack that you have works great. I actually run out of ice before the batteries run out. I even forgot to recharge them one day and they lasted the whole next flight. I fly on average 4.6 hrs per day with the vest running.
- Josh S., Windcrest, TX

From a Motorcycle Instructor

Houston, Texas...just the name says heat and humidity. As an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) instructor I am on the hot asphalt about 5 hours a day. On most days the ice and cool water last about 2 hours with nothing over the top to insulate it. On rides with cover I’m looking at about 3½ hours, but only takes a minute to refill at any rest stop. Thanks for a fantastic product!
- Mike G., MSF Instructor 120878, Richmond, TX

From Motorcycle Riders

Rarely do I invest the time to send feedback to a company about their product but I want to tell you that the Veskimo personal cooling vest is a winner. I live in Dallas which as you know gets rather warm in the summertime, with the temperatures soaring well over 100 degrees F. Add to that the desire to wear protective clothing when riding and you have a very uncomfortable scenario for summer riding.

My experience with your vest was very good. I started as you recommend by using large chunks of ice made from ice trays at home (approx 2"x2") which gave me continuous cooling for around 2 hours in 105 degree temperatures in full sunlight. I then stopped at a convenience store and purchased a bag of ice which I placed in the backpack and got about 1.5 hours of cooling. I wore the vest as you recommend next to my skin with a wicking tee shirt over it and a light weight armored Gore-Tex jacket over the top of that and it preformed as advertised.

I think you have a great product and the only recommendation I would make is a larger capacity cooling unit for mounting on the back of my bike. Most of what I do is long distance riding so if I could push the time between ice reloads to 4 hours it would be perfect for my style of riding, although it is excellent now. I would recommend your product to anyone interested in comfort while riding in extreme heat.
- Chuck T., Carrollton, TX

Last week, my husband purchased a vest and cooler from you so I could enjoy riding my bike during the Arizona summers. I tried it out this past weekend and I was so impressed that I referred your company to my women's biker magazine, Women Riders Now. I hope it brings you a lot of business. We have been riding for years and I always hated it when I knew the summer was approaching. It meant no more riding my bike or riding with my husband on his bike. I will continue to refer you to everyone I know!!!! You have a very happy customer.
- Valerie H., Glendale, AZ

I want to take but a few minutes to thank you, for all your help. I want you to know that I am completely satisfied with the vest and the portable nine quart cooling chest / pump. The entire experience from the moment of my first inquiry about your product, to the purchase and delivery of the same was a smooth and very efficient process. Your prompt response to all my questions are a great example of what customer service is all about. I have now worn the system and find it to do all that it was advertised to do. It allows me to keep cool even under the extreme heat and humidity we have been suffering in Miami. This system aside from providing real comfort and relief from the sweltering heat, can be consider a safety device as it reduces the health hazards of heat exhaustion including those related to the central nervous systems which can decrease response time, something a motorcyclist cannot afford to have.
- Armando A. Santelices M.D., Miami, FL

I ride my motorcycle an average of 25-30K miles each year and in the past have gone through very hot and exhausting conditions.  Last year was my first full riding season with your cooling vest and it made an amazing difference.  When I finished a 300+ mile day riding in 90+ heat I experienced a noticeable difference in the amount of energy I had.  I didn't feel as run down and felt able to ride the next day.  I used to hate riding into a city during the summer and waiting at stoplights sweating and getting irritated with the traffic. Now all I do is reach over and turn the switch to run more often and feel a wonderful cool relief.  Thanks again for your product and outstanding customer service!
-John B., Franklinton, NC