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All Body Cooling Vest Systems & ProductsList of Products, Options and Pricing

Veskimo offers two different Complete Personal Cooling Systems. Each system is composed of a Cooling Vest connected to a Chilled Water Reservoir + a Power Source Option for the Reservoir. Choose the system that's right for you!

Each component can be purchased separately (to create a custom configuration) or packaged together as a Complete System. All components are modular: The Cooling Vest can be connected to either Chilled Water Reservoir (Backpack or Cooler), and either Reservoir can be powered with any Power Source Option (see our Buyer's Guide for more details).

We offer an array of Power Source Options and Accessories to make your system even more convenient, whether it is for your motorcycle, ATV, bicycle, job, or for a family outing. Wherever it is hot and humid, a Veskimo Personal Cooling System will keep you cool and comfortable.

Complete Personal Cooling Systems

                     Veskimo Cooling Vest + Hydration Backpack

Cooling Vest + Hydration Backpack System

Ice water is pumped from the insulated Backpack through the lightweight Cooling Vest. There is also a bite valve offering up a cold drink of water on demand.


         Veskimo Cooling Vest + 9 Qt. Hand-Carry Cooler

Cooling Vest + 9 Quart Cooler System

The insulated 9 Quart Cooler and lightweight body cooling vest gives up to 8 hours of cooling comfort before recharging.


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Personal Microclimate Body Cooling Vest

Veskimo Cooling Vest

Veskimo Liquid-Cooled Personal Microclimate Body Cooling Vest

Like the NASA cool suit, the Veskimo liquid-cooled Personal Microclimate Cooling Vest will create a microclimate of COOL around your upper body.

When connected to the Veskimo Hydration Backpack or 9 Quart Hand-Carry Cooler, ice-chilled water is circulated through a network of over 50 feet of flexible micro tubing integrated into the Cooling Vest. This thin, lightweight & comfortable body cooling vest can be worn under a close fitting shirt, jacket or motorcycle leathers.


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Chilled Water Reservoirs for Body Cooling Vests

Hydration Backpack for Veskimo's Personal Cooling Systems

4.4 Quart Hydration Backpack

The Veskimo Hydration Backpack with the cooling vest provide a cool ride on a motorcycle, ATV, bicycle or during any activity for heat stress relief.


9 Qt. Cooler for Veskimo's Personal Cooling Systems

9 Quart Hand-Carry Cooler

The Veskimo 9 Quart Hand-Cooler used with the Personal Cooling Vest is perfect for use on large motorcycles, motor vehicles or for a day of outdoor activity.


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Power Source Options for Reservoirs

Lithium-Ion Battery for Veskimo's Personal Cooling Systems

Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

When used in combination with the required Lithium-Ion Charger, the Lithium-Ion Battery provides great convenience for powering the Veskimo reservoir pump.


Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

This special Charger must be used to recharge the Veskimo Lithium-Ion Battery. Full recharge is accomplished in about 4 hours using 110V or 220V AC power.


Quick Change Power Pack for Veskimo's Personal Cooling Systems

Power Pack for AA Batteries

The Quick-Change Power Pack holds 8 AA alkaline batteries to power the pump in the Backpack or Cooler for 8 hours of continuous operation.


12v DC Power Cord for Veskimo's Personal Cooling Systems

12V DC External Power Cord

Eliminate the need for batteries by plugging your Veskimo Cooler or Backpack into a 12V DC accessory power outlet using this 8 foot power cord.


AC Adapter for Veskimo's Personal Cooling Systems

110V AC to 12V DC Adapter

This AC Adapter allows your Veskimo Cooler or Backpack to be powered from 110 VAC house current when used in conjunction with the Veskimo External Power Cord.


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Optional Accessories for Personal Cooling Systems

Cooling Controller for Veskimo's Personal Cooling Systems

Adjustable Cooling Controller

The Adjustable Cooling Controller can be used to regulate the cooling power of the Veskimo system by automatically cycling the pump on and off.


3' Extension Hoses for Veskimo's Personal Cooling Systems
6' Extension Hose for Veskimo's Personal Cooling Systems

Extension Hoses (3 or 6 foot long)

Extension Hoses are available in 3-foot & 6-foot lengths for connecting the Veskimo Vest to a Cooler or Backpack, providing increased mobility & flexibility.


Quick-Disconnect Fittings for Veskimo's Personal Cooling Systems

Quick-Disconnect Adapter & Drain Fittings

Quick-Disconnect Fittings can be used to adapt non-Veskimo products and/or drain water from a Vest prior to long-term storage.