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About Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems

Our Mission

To provide the most effective, affordable mobile personal cooling systems available for anyone who works or plays in the heat. We are a customer-driven company. We listen to what our customers want and do our best to offer just that -- at the highest possible quality and the most affordable prices.

Our Goals

  • Improve each customer’s quality of life through the use of our products
  • Offer our customers the best value in heat stress relief solutions
  • Develop innovative new products based on our customers' unique needs
  • Maintain highest quality and durability through stringent quality assurance and product testing
  • Ensure our products are best-in-class by performance testing all competitors’ products
  • Provide superior customer service to assure your complete satisfaction
  • Reward customer loyalty through discounts, special offers and promotions
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Our History

Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems was founded in 2008 by Kurt Jechel, a mechanical engineering graduate of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Prior to starting Veskimo, Kurt worked on numerous aerospace programs and consulted for analytical instruments and solar power industries, developing new products, as well as the manufacturing and testing processes for them. He is expert in the fields of mechanical design, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and heat transfer.

Kurt became interested in personal cooling garments through his auto racing activities. After having purchased several of the leading personal cooling products and testing them, he was dissatisfied with both their quality and effectiveness. So his quest became the development of the most effective, highest quality, yet truly affordable personal cooling systems on the market.

Drawing on his engineering expertise, he defined the system performance requirements in detailed, quantifiable terms and then examined the entire range of possible design solutions. Samples of the most widely-used personal cooling systems were tested, evaluated and used as benchmarks for comparison to Veskimo prototype products.

The design of every Veskimo Personal Cooling System component has been meticulously optimized for best performance, efficiency and durability. All products offered by Veskimo have been extensively field-tested prior to introduction for sale to the public.

Our Quality

Our products are made with pride in the USA. All of the system components are custom-manufactured to Veskimo's exacting specifications and 100 percent hand inspected to ensure they meet our rigorous quality standards. All assembled systems are fully tested before shipment to verify proper function.

Our Philosophy of Continuous Improvement - We are on an endless quest to make the best products possible. We take every opportunity to learn what works best and what does not. We gather and learn from our customer feedback. We place a high value on direct conversations with our customers, so if you have ideas, special requests or complaints, please let us know. If we don't hear from you, we're not sure if we met your expectations and requirements.

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Our Sales Philosophy

We do things differently at Veskimo - Our products are sold exclusively through this website, not in retail stores. Because we use only the best quality materials and all of our products are made in the USA, they are more expensive to produce than products assembled offshore from inferior materials. By eliminating the markup typically added by middlemen (wholesalers, distributors & retailers) we’re able to keep our prices affordable, so you get top quality products at the lowest possible prices.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

We don't allow unhappy customers - We always do everything in our power to make you happy. We pride ourselves on our excellent, responsive customer service. If there is a problem with any product you purchased from us, we'll make it right. We live by the philosophy that the customer is always right, and we do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction, even if it requires giving you a full refund.

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